AkpaLa is the Organic House project of Pedro Mercado together with his wife Na Té. Pedro Mercado is one of the most known Belgian artists in the Progressive House and Melodic Techno scene. Na Té is a multi-talented female artist: next to her DJ/Producer skills she is also making micro-macrame jewellery under the brand name 'MyBohoHeart', making channelled light-language artwork, and offering spiritual & energetic guidance.

During the covid pandemic and lockdowns Pedro Mercado got more and more into Organic House. To make a clear distinction from his usual known peaktime melodic style, he created the “AkpaLa” monniker, together with Na Té. AkpaLa stands for sexy, bohemian, oriental, ethnic, shamanic, tribal & spiritual sounds with a female touch – inspired by events such as Burning Man & Gardens of Babylon . In the past Pedro Mercado & Na Té released already several tracks & remixes together and were running a weekly radio show on Ibiza Global Radio for 5 years. Starting from 2022 their collab productions and their solo and/or B2B sets in Organic House will be performed as “AkpaLa” instead of just “Pedro Mercado & Na Te”.

At the same time (2022) Pedro Mercado started his second label (next to Chrom Recordings which he started in 2017 with Mike Chrom from the famous Planet Ibiza brand): Planet Ibiza Music, focussing on Organic-, Afro- & Melodic- House, hosting labels events already in Belgium, The Netherlands, Thailand & Ibiza. Planet Ibiza Music is owned by Mike Chrom from the famous Planet Ibiza brand and is run by AkpaLa.

Next to their dj residency for the Planet Ibiza brand and the management for Planet Ibiza Music label, they also host monthly radioshows on Frisky Radio (Nomadland) & Proton Radio (Up-To-Deep). AkpaLa is releasing their own productions mainly on their labels Planet Ibiza Music and Chrom Recordings. On top of that they made their debut in 2024 on the mighty Cafe de Anatolia! AkpaLa performed already in Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands and Germany.

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